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If You Could Lead Someone to Jesus for $1, Would You?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

If you could get someone saved for just $1, would you? Everyone I ask this question to someone they say the same thing. Yes, of course! Most people didn't know it was possible to do it this cheap, but God made a way! In fact, it can be even cheaper!

Have you ever watched the movie Schindler's List? In the movie clip below he explains that he could have saved more people from Hitler's death camps if he would have sold his gold pin or car. His famous phrase was "I could have got one more person." I am sure if any one of us were living in those dark times we would have felt the same way.

Unfortunately, we are still living in dark times. They just look different. Did you know that every 40 seconds, someone takes their own life by suicide. Did you know that it's estimated that over 1 billion people haven't had the chance to hear the gospel yet?

To me these are dark times! Fortunately, we know the problem and we have a solution!

These problems provoked us to say a simple prayer in faith.

Do you want to know what happened?

God answered...

Because of an answered prayer from God we now have two methods to help save these people for about $1 or under.

Our online component brings people that are suicidal to a page where we share the gospel to give hope to the hopeless. Then we give them the opportunity to give their life to Jesus by confessing the prayer of salvation from Romans 10:9-10. We have the potential to share the gospel with 190,617 people struggling with suicide each month!

Soul saved for $1
Photo By StockSnap from Pixabay

On average it costs $1.04 to share the gospel with 37 people and 1 out of every 37 indicate that they say the prayer of salvation.

The next method is by the traditional route that you see the apostles doing in the Bible. We have leaders that train other leaders, to train other leaders to preach the gospel, minister to the sick, baptize people, make disciples, and plant house churches.

This Image below is from a South Asian Country where they gather unbelievers together to show the Jesus Film, invite them to accept Jesus, and then plant a new church with them.

Jesus Film in Sri Lanka
Photo by One Way Ministries International

We hate to keep talking about money, but unfortunately without it these leaders can't travel or purchase the equipment needed to fulfill the great commission. Currently with our ground effort we are able to lead one person to Jesus for about $0.50 and plant one house church for about $15 to $20.

Since we know we can consistently share the gospel and lead people to Christ for $0.50 to $1.04, we decided it's time to make more money. Myself and our team are starting new businesses to generate more money to help save "just one more person" like in Schindler's List.

In addition to what we are doing, we humbly request that you and your friends join us to help save more people.

Many of you got here from a Google search ad. This ad costs about $1 per click. We are taking a risk that for every dollar we spend telling others about this opportunity, people like you will donate $3 or more. That way we will get our initial $1 back to show this ad to someone else and the rest can be used to save at least two people. This will triple our impact and get three times as many saved if everyone helps out.

We are hoping many of you will give more than $3, and on a monthly basis so we can consistently save as many people as possible. We would like to be able to lead 2 million people to Jesus per year. With your help, we can!

Regardless of the amount, you can be sure that anything past $1 will go towards getting people saved. The only overhead we have are the fees it takes to send money to our leaders.

If you want to get more information on our methods or learn more about the ministry, please go to our Contact Us page to leave a message and how we can get back to you. I would love to share more about us and get to know you as well!



One Way Ministries International

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Rante Tarigan
Rante Tarigan
Mar 30, 2022

If I could just got more...souls 😭😭


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