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Move of God in India

About Us

Showing the light of Jesus by working with the body of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to heal the sick, set the captives free, make disciples, preach the gospel, and help fulfill the great commission (Matthew 10:7-8; 28:19-20).

Move of God

We believe that what we are seeing is a legitimate move of God. We are seeing revival across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Indonesia. We are seeing thousands of non-believers come to Christ each month and thousands of believers becoming pillars of faith in their communities. 


We heard from the Lord to start planting house churches because persecution was coming, so that's what we did. Three years later we have over 3,000 house churches planted and thousands of people saved/actively making other disciples. We believe this is only the beginning... 

We believe that where there is faith, there will be a move of God...

We are a movement led and inspired by the teachings of Jesus

It's not as important who we are, but who is Leading us. We are a move of God because Jesus is the core of our ministry. His life and teachings are what we teach and what we try to do on a daily basis. All of the staff and leaders are non-denominational Christians and are dedicated to Jesus and His teachings of how we are supposed to live.


We are Christ-centered and mission-minded.

Jesus didn't just sit back in a luxurious temple and tell everyone how to live. He went out and lived with the people that were considered unclean and untouchable. He practiced what He preached. We try to do these same things. We see a lot of pain and suffering in this world, so we go out and actually make a difference in their lives. We teach all our leaders and church members to not just talk about doing something but to actually go out and help. 

We are the body of Christ

There is strength in numbers. We have over 250 leaders that oversee multiple house churches. In total, we are 250+ apostolic leaders and 2,500+ pastors, 3,000+ house churches, and 25,000+ members. We train our leaders to be fruitful and our leaders train their members to be fruitful. When 25,000+ people go out to their workplaces and families as the salt of the earth, the people around them are transformed! 

Move of God


We do what we see Jesus and the Apostles do in the Bible

We preach the gospel, baptize new believers, minister to the sick and needy, make disciples of Jesus, and plant house churches. 


We focus on planting house churches because they are much cheaper and faster to grow than constructing a building. They are also very intimate and instill fast growth and spiritual maturity. We have the freedom to teach all the new members exactly what Jesus taught and the opportunity to raise a new generation of powerful Christians who know their identity in Christ. This move of God isn't only for us, it's for anyone with enough faith to do what Jesus said to do!

House Church in India


We work in unity with the body of Christ

There is strength in numbers, but when you combine large numbers and unity, you become a powerful machine. Military forces can accomplish a lot when they are in unity with each other.


We have a very simple training that even a child can understand and follow. We teach all of our leaders and members this training. When everyone actively follows the training and maintains their relationship with the Vine (Christ), we produce great fruit. One person can not go out to every workplace, home, and village. 25,000 people can't either, but they can cover a lot more ground than that one person.

Hard to teach an old dog new tricks 

Many Christians learn a traditional way of being a Christian and have a hard time changing their beliefs and expectations. Many 'old' Christians don't think that preaching the gospel, ministering to the sick, and planting house churches are for them. They think those things are for the pastors and evangelists.


We start teaching all the brand new believers that they are called to be the salt of the earth and should let their lights shine immediately.  We teach them that they can minister to the sick and plant house churches. Do you know what happened when we taught them this? They went out and preached the gospel, ministered to the sick, and planted house churches!

"Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he grows older he will not abandon it." (Proverbs 22:6)

House Church in Nepal


1. We find and train leaders with our fruitful and proven method.

2. You sponsor one or more leaders on a monthly basis.

3. We send your donation to the leader every month minus ~$5 for international transfer fees.

4. The sponsored leaders will be able to quit their jobs and focus on ministry full-time, resulting in more fruit.

5. We will send you an update of how all the leaders and the ministry is doing each month. 



Unless you leave a comment of where you want your donation to go, all additional donations will go into one of our expansion projects. Here are some of the projects we are working on.

TV Show - Preaching the gospel (India & Pakistan)

Sewing CentersEmpowering women (Currently only in India & Pakistan)

Feeding the Poor - All countries

Mass Evangelism Meetings - All countries

Business Empowerment Classes - All countries

Radio Show (coming soon) - Preaching the gospel (India)

Building New Training Centers - All countries

Supplies for our Public Schools Parent and children ministry (India & Pakistan)

Suicide Awareness Evangelism Project (Here too) - All Countries

Meet the Team

Meet The Team

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