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Modern Day Miracle Stories: Demons to Freedom in Christ - India

This modern-day miracle testimony was shared with us by one of our dedicated leaders in Uttar Pradesh, India.

modern day stories of gods miracles

Jyoti and her husband, Sanjay, lived in Uttar Pradesh, India, as a content Hindu family with two children, enjoying a happy life. However, everything changed when Jyoti began experiencing inexplicable disturbances.

Suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, Jyoti's behavior took a disturbing turn. She felt like an evil spirit was possessing her and would become a different person multiple times a day. Her eyes turned red, and she would fall to the floor, often attempting to harm herself and her husband. She suffered from severe mental distress, rendering her unable to sleep, even with the aid of sleeping pills.

Desperate for help, Sanjay and their relatives arranged for various Hindu religious ceremonies, hoping for a resolution. Unfortunately, none of these efforts yielded any results. They even consulted neurologists and psychologists, who prescribed meditation and medication. However, despite six months of trying, her condition remained unchanged, causing immense turmoil within the family.

The turning point came when a member of One Way Ministries International (OWMI) learned of Jyoti's situation and offered to pray for her, seeking the family's permission. Sanjay, feeling hopeless after exhausting all other options, agreed.

An OWMI church member and a house church pastor visited Jyoti and Sanjay's home, utilizing OWMI's training on power and authority. Through their prayers, they commanded the evil spirit to leave. After a while, the demons left, and Jyoti returned to her normal self. Her mind was restored and she could discontinue her medication. She even regained her ability to sleep peacefully.

Overjoyed by this modern-day miracle, Jyoti, Sanjay, and their two children decided to accept Christ. They not only chose to follow Jesus but also established their own church. Additionally, they began the process of discipleship, utilizing OWMI training to share their newfound faith with others.

This testimony represents just one of the many modern-day miracle stories within OWMI. If you'd like to hear more and support our mission of reaching unreached areas of the world for Jesus, please subscribe and consider making a donation. Your support helps us continue our vital work.

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