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How To Build Your Faith in God

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

I have had many people ask me the best way to build faith. Mine is a little different that anything else you may find online, but is pretty close. The answer to the question, "how to build my faith in God" is easy. The hard part is will you put the work in?

We have all heard the saying "nothing in life is free." This is true when it's not related to money. Your forgiveness of sins might be free for you, but Jesus paid for it. He paid your way into the kingdom. He also gave you a measure of faith (Romans 12:3). This faith is as big as you need and can accomplish anything God sends you to do. The problem is that life has gotten in the way and filled our "faith tank" with a bunch of doubt. This doubt makes our faith less effective. Think of water in a tank of gasoline. If there's a little in there your engine will still run, but might have some problems. If there's a lot of water in your tank the engine won't run anymore.

The same goes for faith. You have enough faith to cast out demons and heal the sick because Jesus gave it to you (Matthew 10:8). The problem only comes when we don't really believe it. This is doubt. The doubt that will cause your faith to grow weaker. If you get rid of doubt your faith will be strong. If you keep adding doubt, your faith will get weaker and weaker.

I created this how to build my faith infographic so people can quickly share it with others. Please share it with anyone struggling or looking to build their faith. Simply click the three dots in the right hand corner and click share. Otherwise, you can download the PDF version down below and send it to anyone you want.

How To Build Your Faith In God Infographic

How to have faith in God infographic

Are you interested in taking steps to grow your faith? We are all about the great commission and planting churches. If you would like to join us in our quest please contact us here. Or if you would like to fund the gospel, you can donate here.

How to have faith in God infographic
Download PDF • 869KB

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1 commentaire

Anand Verma
Anand Verma
04 oct. 2022

Yes it's absolutely right but faith depends upon situation that u handle Or going through


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