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Modern Day Miracles: Healed from Tuberculosis

Modern day miracles

Jaswinder and her family reside in a small village in the heart of Haryana, India. Coming from an orthodox Hindu background and facing the challenges of limited wages, they eked out their livelihoods just barely getting by with their humble jobs.

Their world took an unexpected turn when Jaswinder began experiencing excruciating abdominal pain, bringing her life to a grinding halt. The agony was relentless, compelling her to stop working. Concerned for his wife's well-being, Mr. Satpal, wasted no time and rushed her to the nearest hospital. It was there that a thorough ultrasound examination unveiled an unsettling revelation – 3 to 4 tubercles had taken root in her stomach.

Upon receiving the doctor's prescribed medication, Jaswinder diligently adhered to the medical instructions. However, despite their combined efforts and strict adherence to the doctor's counsel, her health showed no signs of improvement. This growing concern weighed heavily on both Jaswinder and her husband, particularly given their already tenuous financial situation. With both of their incomes essential for their livelihood, her inability to work compounded their anxieties.

In the midst of this pain and turmoil, a ray of hope emerged from one of her relatives – who happened to be a member of one of One Way Ministries International's (OWMI) house churches. Witnessing Jaswinder's ordeal, this compassionate relative extended an invitation to her to join them for prayer. With a mix of curiosity and desperation, Jaswinder attended the church service. While she initially found the service boring, little did she know that was about to change.

Towards the end of the Sunday service, Pastor Babbu Ajij, a strong leader of OWMI, extended a warm invitation to Jaswinder for a moment of prayer. In that moment, as she stood in prayer, she felt an inexplicable touch from God in her stomach.

Returning home, Jaswinder's pain had completely disappeared! Fueled by newfound hope, she decided to undergo another ultrasound test the following day. The results left the doctor astounded – the previously detected tubercles had vanished, as if they had never existed.

Jaswinder couldn't contain her joy, so she ran all the way to the pastors house to tell him what happened. There, with tears of thanksgiving, she praised God for her miraculous healing and gave her life to Jesus right on the spot.

In the wake of this profound experience, both Jaswinder and her husband chose to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, embracing a newfound faith that had delivered them from despair, physically and financially. Not only did the healing save them money from more medical expenses, but she is now able to return to work to help bring income for the family again!

They are now regular members of the church and are scheduled to be baptized soon.

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