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What Does a Missionary do in OWMI?

Younas plays a pivotal role as the primary leader and coordinator of One Way Ministries International (OWMI) in Pakistan. His dedication to the cause is evident in the extraordinary effort he invests in each mission trip. On this particular journey, Younas embarked on an arduous 25-hour journey, involving both train and motorcycle travel, to reach a remote village in South Pakistan. His mission? To deliver a projector known as an "Acclaimer" from Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) and encourage the OWMI leadership team.

These projectors, are invaluable tools for sharing the gospel. They enable the presentation of a gospel film in the native language of the local population, a profound experience for many in rural areas who have rarely encountered such high-quality audiovisual content in their language. We are grateful to have received projectors and audio Bibles generously provided by FCBH and Jesus Film. These resources empower us to plant churches and establish Bible listening groups as part of the End-To-End program created by the American Bible Society.

Younas and his team passionately promote these films, inviting everyone to attend screenings. Following each showing, they extend an invitation to those in need of prayer for healing or deliverance. Armed with the authority and power given to all Christians by Jesus through the Holy Spirit, they minister to each individual.

This ministry approach is central to their work, along with sharing the gospel when a projector is unavailable. Subsequently, the team encourages attendees to share their testimonies and extends an invitation to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Once individuals make this commitment, the leaders gather contact information to facilitate the establishment of new house churches within their homes. Power and Authority is our main method, along with preaching the gospel if we don't have a projector to show a gospel film.

In a recent gathering, 25 individuals chose to follow Jesus and are preparing for baptism. Younas's dedication doesn't end here; he continues to travel from village to village, spending around 5 to 10 days away from his family. During these visits, he meets with local church planting leaders and house church pastors, providing much-needed encouragement, training, and mentoring. Some of the material he passes out is our book Supernatural Power and Authority. We print it in bulk and give to new leaders as we can.

what does a missionary do

OWMI has a network of over 350+ leaders willing to do just Younas's does, but funding remains a challenge. To address this, they train leaders and members to replicate this method in their own regions, keeping initial costs low. As these regions are reached and the ministry expands, additional funds are needed to reach other unreached villages.

A distinctive feature of OWMI's approach is its focus on planting house churches. This strategy minimizes costs and provides some protection against persecution. Operating a house church requires minimal expenses, often limited to providing refreshments for attendees. In some cases, gatherings take place outdoors due to significant growth, necessitating future branch churches.

We found that it is easiest to plant a church by asking the people that just received Christ to host in their home with their family and friends so they can share their testimony. We have many testimonies of modern day miracles, so once their family hears, they usually all come to believe. Then we ask them to host regularly, which then becomes a church. Meanwhile one of the leaders will pastor it while mentoring the future pastor.

Since 2017, OWMI has diligently followed this method, resulting in the establishment of over 4,500 house churches across Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. This remarkable growth exemplifies the transformative power of God and the dedication of individuals like Younas and the entire OWMI leadership team.

These are just a few things that our leaders/missionaries do. If you would like to help plant a church or support them, please click the button below.


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