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Multiple Miracles - Bhutan Testimony

One Way Ministries International Bhutan testimony
After a 28 hour car ride, they traveled by foot 6 hours, all through the mountains to pray for one woman.

Bhutan is a country with a small population of 771,608 people, with only 2.4% of them identifying as Christians. It is a mountainous region, and sometimes, it takes our leaders 3 to 4 days to reach their destination on foot. This also means they have to camp out each night under the stars.

This testimony is from our Country Coordinator, Paul, in Bhutan. He received a call from one of his church planting leaders, who reported that there was a woman acting erratically, and they believed she was demon-possessed.

Her entire family was impoverished and didn't even have enough money to afford rice. They were a Buddhist family that had tried everything to get her healed. They consulted medical doctors, practiced Buddhist rituals, and even attempted Hindu rituals, all without any results. They were growing weary of her constant foul language and violent outbursts of attacking people.

When Paul heard about this, he felt compelled to see her himself. The first miracle occurred after he reached out to all the house churches and asked for financial support to travel to her location. Astonishingly, they all agreed and generously contributed! This, in itself, was a miracle, as many churches today do not readily share resources, especially money. However, God is working in a unique way within His people at One Way Ministries International (OWMI). He has called us to live in accordance with His Word and the principles found in the new testament, where the church walks in unity to proclaim the gospel.

Paul, along with a couple of other leaders, collected the funds and embarked on a journey that lasted many hours. They drove for a total of 28 hours, navigating treacherous mountain roads. When they could drive no further, they continued on foot for an additional 6 hours!

Upon reaching the woman's village, they shared the gospel with her and her family. Afterward, they asked if they could pray for her, to which she agreed. Utilizing the power and authority training they had received from OWMI, they commanded the demons to leave her. Miraculously, within just 20 to 30 minutes, she was completely set free. She no longer exhibited her unusual behavior—no more cursing, no more foul language, and no more violent urges. Her family witnessed this transformation and recognized it as an immediate miracle.

Their excitement led them to want to accept Jesus for what just happened! Not only did she believe, but her father, mother, sister, and two brothers accepted Jesus, totaling six! They were all baptized as well and she remains set free to this day. They have also joined one of our house churches and are learning our training and how to plant churches themselves.

Just as we see in the Bible, when one person is healed, the entire household often comes to believe (John 4:46-54). The stories from the Bible continue to unfold before us even today.

In this testimony, there were multiple miracles that transpired, and there are likely many more that occurred and are still happening as a result:

  1. The church working in unity and willingly sharing resources.

  2. Leaders demonstrating genuine love for people by traveling over 28 hours by car and an additional 6 hours on foot to pray for one woman.

  3. The woman being delivered from demons.

  4. The entire household finding salvation due to her deliverance.

We have countless testimonies like this within OWMI, and we aim to share them more frequently.

We have many leaders working without any support in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Bhutan. If you have about $25 to spare each month, please consider donating by clicking the button below or sponsoring one of our leaders by visiting our Sponsor a Missionary Page.

May God bless you abundantly!

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