Our First Crusade

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Originally written March 1, 2018

While holding a crusade in Bihar, India, more than 4,000 souls (about 4500) gather for healing and to see the move of God through the name of Jesus during the two days. As I preached the gospel and commanded people to be healed through Jesus in the crowd and the thousands listening in the streets outside of the stadium, many were healed. I called those who were healed to come up and give their testimony. As they did the loudspeakers echoed the precious name of Jesus and that He loves everyone and that He still heals. The people in the stadium heard it, the many thousands of people walking around in the city heard it, and millions of other people will continue to hear it.

Why millions? Because God loves more than just the thousands. He loves the millions and billions. He demonstrated His love that day by orchestrating 14 different news stations to be at this small meeting. The very next day newspapers and videos went out all over India and the world with the headlines that say "People healed in the name of Jesus." The news reports saying that Jesus is good and will heal and deliver you.

Needless to say I was humbled. I was humbled because before the meeting started I was watching the crowd and was disappointed that there weren't as many people there. I was expecting 10,000 to 20,000 people. So I cried out to God and said why are there so few people here to be saved when there are over 1 billion people here in this nation. I said God, do you not love them more than me? I said God, if you love them more than me, bring more people to be saved.

And He did... Exponentially more than I ever expected. God is good. God is love... Between the two days, out of the 4,500 people inside the meeting we conservatively estimate 2,500 came to accept Jesus as their savior that we will count. However, there were thousands (well over 10,000) outside of the stadium listening and getting touched and healed by God, so we can only wonder about the full impact. Not to mention the millions of seeds planted through the 14 different news stations. Only God knows how many.

Everyone knew who healed them though because when people came up to give their testimony I asked who healed them and they all said Jesus! Once the people realized Jesus was real by seeing all the miracles I said whoever wants to be saved and to be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven must say this prayer and truly believe it. Then I led them through the prayer of salvation and to repent. I asked everyone who just felt the love and peace of God enter into them to raise their hands. Almost every single hand went up!

At the end of each meeting we handed out free New Testament Bibles to everyone. We had 10,000 to give away. Some of the miracles God performed was healing people of arthritis, deaf ears, headaches, sickness, back, knee, leg, shoulder, stomach, and nerve pain. There were well over 300 people that were healed that gave glory to Jesus. Many were delivered from demons as well. One lady was known as the "mad woman" who would run around taking off her clothes and scream at people through the streets. She manifested demons very strongly during the meeting, but God healed and delivered her to freedom.

There were over 100 political and social leaders at the meeting as well that gave their lives to Jesus. They were so shocked at everything they were seeing, hearing, and experiencing. One of them jumped up during the meeting shouted "I'm healed!" He was healed of back and nerve pain that he had for over 8 years. This was a great testimony for the rest of them to believe in Jesus, because they were only there (in their minds) for publicity sake for the next election.

We also had Hindu extremists there that had planned to attack us, but God either healed them or touched them somehow because they put their hands in the air and started praising Jesus. However, the rest of the extremists that didn't go to the meeting were upset by what they heard through the news reports, so they planned on attacking me and throwing me in jail on the second day.

God had other plans though. He had given me about 10 or more dreams (I lost count) about going to prison before I left to go to India. At about 3 AM the next morning, God gave a local prophetic lady a dream and a word for me. She seen in the dream that the extremists attacked us at the meeting and through me and three other people in prison and then revoked my privilege of going to India again. Then God told her to tell me not to go to the meeting. Then she called and told my coordinator crying and begging us not to go. I took that as confirmation from God and decided to skip town. One of the other local pastors led the meeting the next day and gave reports of a mob of hindu extremists and many police kept going in and out of the meeting looking for me. God saved me from a not so pleasant time. One pastor that was helping with the meeting the day before was beaten and thrown in prison for praying for a Hindu. Another lady was beaten and had claw marks on her face for sharing the gospel. So I appreciated the gesture to warn me...

The second meeting was great as well, despite all this. God still moved through many healings and salvations. The news stations showed up and gave interviews for that meeting too.

We are also planning on doing a TV and radio commercial for northern India. I am told that there isn't anything like it in North India, so it is a really great opportunity to reach the people up there, especially after what God did with the news. Amit will be talking about different things about Jesus and then at the end I will be commanding people to be healed in Jesus name. We are going to have me do the healing part because for whatever reason people have more faith in foreigners, so more will get healed. This will reach millions of people. It will air twice per day for about two minutes each and will be on multiple channels and I think only one radio station. Not 100% sure on that yet. We know this will be really impactful because it will tag team and confirm what the local news has already said. We are just waiting on God to come through financially, but that is not a problem. He always come through, even if it stretches us until the very last minute, like He did with this trip! Here are some YouTube videos from the news station about the meetings.

The news paper clip down below talks about how many were healed and many were delivered from manifesting demons. It also talks about how people went on stage to give testimony of their healings and what Jesus did for them. Some time in the future I will have it translated and post it. Google translate doesn't work for it.

People testifying of healing

Passing out Bibles after crusade