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Our Process

We are working in 6 different countries with 9 different languages. This means that communication can be difficult and things can get lost in translation. I once did a training meeting with 4 different languages, we had to have multiple people translating after each time I spoke!


This language barrier (and culture) forces us to have a simple training that anyone and everyone can understand. Fortunately for them, we are geniuses and came up with the perfect system! Just kidding, we are far from geniuses.


Our training method comes straight from the Bible. We use key stories from the Bible of what Jesus and the disciples did, then share them with our leaders via PowerPoint presentation. We also include some personal testimonies to show that what the disciples did is attainable and available for any follower of Jesus. One key thing that we do is motivate and encourage them into believing that they can achieve great things for the Kingdom of God. We have had a few people go out and start house churches just by encouraging them that they can do it!


There are 5 key parts that go into our training


Stories from the Bible

The stories from the Bible act as a blueprint for our leaders to follow. If you hear what Jesus says and do it, you will be fruitful. The Bible is a supernatural book that is the inspired word of God. When you read it and follow it, something supernatural happens to you.


Personal Testimonies

Personal stories and testimonies show the people that what you are saying is attainable. When people tell you a story of what they accomplished, it makes you feel like you can do the same as them. Especially if they are an average person


Motivation and Encouragement

Motivation and encouragement are like fuel. It will bring a tired and empty vehicle back to life and it will keep a vehicle running longer and further. Leaders will keep going if they feel encouraged and motivated. If you inspire and give vision to people and make them feel more valued than they think they are, they will behave the way you just made them feel.



Faith is a huge component of obtaining a fruitful ministry. Hebrews 11:6  says that it's impossible to please God without faith. Since Jesus (the vine) is the one that brings the fruit, we need to have faith that God is going to be with us in our works. We also acknowledge that works is dead without faith and faith is dead without works, so we must have both (James 2:14-26). When we ACT and truly BELIEVE that God will do extraordinary things through us, is when God will actually do extraordinary things through us.




Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. It is impossible to produce any fruit without Jesus. He is the one that trusts and gives us the responsibility of this ministry. He is the one that leads us, gives us workers, resources, and ultimately brings all the fruit.

"For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God" (Romans 8:14) We are led by God to do the things that we do. We have learned from this. If we don't see it in the Bible or aren't led by God and we try to do something, we usually end up disappointed. Trust God and follow Him and you will be fruitful!

Our Secret Weapon is our Power & Authority Training

We teach people about the power & authority they have been given by Jesus through the Holy Spirit.


I wrote a book about it and can be found here at  Amazon 

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